Thursday, 17 October 2013

What running insoles you should buy!

I deiced I need to get healthy and what the bets way to get healthy? You got it running is the best way.. first though before I could run i need some insoles to help me out.. Insoles are shoe inserts which will help protect your feet as your running from injuring themselves and reduce the annoying injuries like plantar fasciitis and other annoying aches and pains which can occur... Because running maybe good for your heart but for your feet it can be damaging that why you need the right insoles to protect you.. I looked around online to see if i could find any suitable ones I finally found some goodens by nuovahealth which suited me just fine and have made me run a lot more faster because I have less pain while running now which is awesome to say the least. Right these insoles cost me just £10 a bargain compared to other insoles I saw you could get online which cost well over £50 some pairs can cost... I dont know about you but I sure dont have £50 spare to go buy some insoles with.. I know insoles are important for running but not fifty quid important... right? But then again saying that Im just fine with my £10 nuovahealth insoles anyway and they are doing my feet alot of good. Oh and my mate who has bought some really expensive insoles in the past says most of the branded expensive insoles are just a big waste of money and he says the insoles I got are really the best and the same quality if not better than the ones he got for A LOT OF MONEY! Psst I found out all of this from this from the womensprosoccer site obviously I wouldn't have been able to know all this on my own would I?

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